Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) Essential Eight Consulting

If you are considering applying for DISP membership or wish to discuss your annual compliance review (known as OSA or Ongoing Suitability Assessment) in regards to ICT / Cyber we are here to help.

DISP membership is based on 4 pillars: ICT / Cyber, Personnel, Governance and Physical. Whilst we generally only offer consulting services in the area of ICT / Cyber we can put you in contact with associates to assist with developing documentation and strategies for the other areas.

The assessment and ongoing audits (OSA) to maintain DISP membership (ICT component) is managed through the Cyber Security Audit Team within the Defence Industry Security Branch (DISB)

We enjoy working the Audit Teams to navigate you through the process and provide uplift where required. The Audit Teams offer great advice in helping you achieve the right ICT Cyber maturity to meet DISP membership requirements.

IML is an Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Network & CTIS Partner and maintains the appropriate requirements to perform consulting work with Defence Industry Security Program applicants or members. We are happy to provide references from other DISP members we work with.