Microsoft 365 Implementation and Consulting

To say the Microsoft 365 ecosystem is large would be an understatement.

To successfully implement the Essential Eight ISM controls in your business' tenancy requires utilsing elements of the following Microsoft 365 tools and resources

* User Licencing (Business Premium through to E5)
* Microsoft Intune (for EndPoint Management)
* Microsoft EndPoint Manager (Compliance, Configuration, Update Rings and Conditional Access Policies)
* Microsoft 365 Defender (Device Onboarding and Inventory, Threat Detection, Policies)
* Windows Defender Application Control - WDAC (which replaces the legacy Applocker platform)
* Microsoft Azure AD (Identity Management Gateway, MFA, User Risk)

So if your business is trying to achieve Essential Eight - it's important to consider the strategy for implementing it before diving into using SharePoint (OneDrive), Azure DevOps and other Office 365 tools that store yours and your customers important data and intellectual property.

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